Megatron Megatron Business Suite MegaTron ERP. Το πρωτοποριακό, αξιόπιστο και ολοκληρωμένο πληροφοριακό σύστημα αξιοποίησης επιχειρησιακών πόρων.
Megatron Pharma Megatron Pharma MegaTron Pharma ERP. Το ολοκληρωμένο πληροφοριακό σύστημα “Αξιοποίησης Επιχειρησιακών Πόρων”, πλήρως εξειδικευμένο και προσαρμοσμένο για Φαρμακαποθήκες.
Dioscourides Dioscourides Ολοκληρωμένο πρόγραμμα σχεδιασμένο αποκλειστικά για τις εξεζητημένες ανάγκες Των φαρμακείων. Καλύπτει τις μηχανοργανωτικές απαιτήσεις του φαρμακοποιού πάγκου και πλήρη εκσυγχρονισμό και διαμόρφωση ενός πρότυπου τρόπου λειτουργίας και οργάνωσης του σύγχρονου φαρμακείου.

ILYDA displays a very successful presence in the Greek information technology market since 1992, providing the required infrastructure, experience and integrity, the pledges and conditions required that is, to successfully tackle the challenge of the changing, demanding and constantly evolving market of information technology.

The basic sectors of the Company’s enterprise activities can be divided in the following main categories:

  • Development and support of ERP Systems (Company Resources Management Integrated Systems).
  • Development of software for vertical markets.
  • Development of software to order.
  • Provision of integrated information technology systems.

The distribution of the Company’s turnover according to the reported categories of enterprise activities is displayed in the following table :

Activity% Turnover Percentage
ERP Systems 52
Vertical Market Software 18
Software made to Order 16
Other Software and IT Equipment 14
Development and Support of ERP Systems

The ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) are modern software products that electronically manage most of the commercial and manufacturing activities of companies and organizations, in such a way that via these systems the possibility of complete utilization of all available resources is provided as well as the organization and effectiveness of the transaction process that take place in every modern enterprise.

ERP systems generally provide more capabilities than the out of the box and widely known Commercial-Accounting software packages, overlapping all of their normal capabilities. This means that in the widely used sense we can consider that the ERP systems are an evolution and drastic upgrade of the Commercial-Accounting software applications.

Below we mention our major products in this category:

Development of Software of Vertical Markets

ILYDA, in order to differentiate its self from competitive companies and for further possibilities of growth and expansion has chosen specific (vertical) markets, for which it has, after studying and delving into their fields of occupation, developed specialized software products which have been successfully provided into these markets.

It will be worth to mention that, as a rule, companies that specialize in vertical markets and systematically invest in technology and the evolution (of the specific markets they have chosen), have secured a substantial advantage and their position cannot be threatened easily due to the vast know-how gained from their long term involvement and specialization with the specified object. These facts are what usually deter candidate companies from attempting to enter such fields.

Below we mention our major products in this category:


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