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General Information

The Company was founded on 10/7/1992 (FEK 3532/13.07.1992) as a software development Company with the name ILYDA Α.Ε. INFORMATION SYSTEMS & SERVICE PROVISIONS by Mr. Vasilios Anifantakis and Mrs. Maria Papadokostaki. The Anonymous Companies Registration number, given to the Company at its creation is 26939/01/Β/92/429.

The Company’s discrete title is «ILYDA Α.Ε.», while its duration has been set to 99 years. The Company’s seat is in the Municipality of Athens, at the privately owned building on 29 Adrianiou str., New Psixiko, 115 25, where all of the company’s divisions are situated.

The aim of ILYDA Α.Ε. is the development of software and the provision of technologically advanced complete services in the area of information technology and telecommunications, with emphasis in the development of software, the studies for modernization and growth with the use of information systems and the organization of company divisions and services related to the utilization of information technology and telecommunications for the more effective, quicker and more precise function of these divisions.

In more detail, the aim of the Company according to its charter is:

  • The design, development, provision and management of computer programs (software) standardized and to order.
  • The provision of advisory services and expert services to companies, co-operations, and other organizations of the Private and Public sector on issues related to the application and utilization of information technology.
  • The undertaking of research and development programs, and the development of studies for the application of information technology.
  • The maintenance of software and hardware.
  • The hiring to third parties information technology products and services.
  • The education of company executives and personnel, co-operations and other organizations of the Public and Private sector, as well as private individuals, on issues related to the broader scope of Information technology.
  • The utilization in general of the Company’s installed software base for the provision of any type of service to third parties.
  • The installation of hardware and both system and application software for the creation of completed information technology systems.
  • The development and utilization of electronic commerce systems and other services and products offered through the internet, or private networks (intranet).

According to the bulletin of the Statistical Classification of Economic Activity Sectors 1991 (STAKOD-91) of the Greek National Statistical Service (Ε.Σ.Υ.Ε.) the main activity of the Company belong falls under the category of companies active in:

  • Provision of advise on issues relating to software and software supply (ar. Κ 72.20)

Additionally the Company is active in the following categories:

  • Maintenance and repair of information technology equipment (ar. Κ 72.30)
  • Manufacturing of information technology equipment (ar. Κ 30.02)
  • Marketing of information technology equipment (ar. Κ 51.64)


Adrianeiou 29, Neo Psychiko

Athens, P.C. 115 25

Tel: 210 - 670.5000

Fax: 210 - 670.5050