VitaCard® Consumer Card


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ILYDA has designed and began provision of the VitaCard® Consumer Privilege Card. VitaCard® works like a loyalty Card through which a number of privileges are bestowed upon the consumers who use it, and can among other things be discount coupons, cash return cheques, gift products, etc., donated by the companies whose products the consumer prefers. Cards of this type belong in the modern marketing methods category, and are believed to be absolutely essential for every business aspiring to obtain a respectable portion of its target market.

With the use of VitaCard® the following are achieved :

  • The preservation and increase of the customer base of each point of sale (e.g. pharmacy) that accepts the card,
  • Promotion of products belonging to a specific company affiliated with the Card,
  • Supply of the Card’s products at lucrative prices, resulting in a gain for the end consumer.

Apart from its nationwide scope and utilization by retail shops, VitaCard® can also be used to attract local clients for each point of sale able to organize its own benefits aimed towards its exclusive clients.

For the functioning of the undertaking, the following are required :

  • The software running at each point of sale must recognize the consumer cards, and be able to communicate with the central base for updates (credit) of each client’s purchases.
  • The software (server) centrally managing the information collected by each point of sale.

The database management will also be performed on the server, in which all of the customer’s that have been issued a Consumer Card are contained as well as all of the collaborating points of sale, and the rules of benefit issuance for each client.

The communication between the points of sale and the central information base is done via the Internet for the majority of the collaborating retail stores or via leased lines for retail stores with a large client base. Alternatively if both of the above ways are not acceptable, the communication will be performed periodically via dial-up connection.

The processing of the central database’s data will be performed exclusively be ILYDA, on behalf of the collaborating companies covered by VitaCard®.

Indicatively, the processing includes :

  • Consumers that have a preference to specific products of a specific company.
  • Percentile product sales per geographic area.
  • Outcome of an advertising campaign in a specific time period.
  • Consumer briefing.
  • Distribution of benefits to consumers.
  • Product briefing at points of sale.
  • Etc.


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