Megatron Megatron Business Suite MegaTron ERP. Το πρωτοποριακό, αξιόπιστο και ολοκληρωμένο πληροφοριακό σύστημα αξιοποίησης επιχειρησιακών πόρων.
Megatron Pharma Megatron Pharma MegaTron Pharma ERP. Το ολοκληρωμένο πληροφοριακό σύστημα “Αξιοποίησης Επιχειρησιακών Πόρων”, πλήρως εξειδικευμένο και προσαρμοσμένο για Φαρμακαποθήκες.
Dioscourides Dioscourides Ολοκληρωμένο πρόγραμμα σχεδιασμένο αποκλειστικά για τις εξεζητημένες ανάγκες Των φαρμακείων. Καλύπτει τις μηχανοργανωτικές απαιτήσεις του φαρμακοποιού πάγκου και πλήρη εκσυγχρονισμό και διαμόρφωση ενός πρότυπου τρόπου λειτουργίας και οργάνωσης του σύγχρονου φαρμακείου.
1992 – 93

Founding of the Company ILYDA and active in the development of the software product “Commercial Management and Production Surveillance DESMOS”.


Development of software package Dioscourides for the computerized needs of pharmacies. A very demanding market, with specialized needs for the management of all activities performed by pharmacists via computerization. In a very short time, the product’s usability and support managed to bring our company in a position to possess the biggest share of the specific market, forcing large competitor companies to withdraw from the specific market.


Cooperation with the American company IMS for the utilization of the Dioscourides software package in hundreds of pharmacies working with IMS.


Telematic technology applications with the development of an EDI type electronic communication system, which to this day is used by more than 1240 remote locations for the electronic dispatch of orders and immediate (automated) reception of the finalized invoice.


Upgrading of the DESMOS package with the ability of its parametric adaptation to the specific needs of each client, independent of his activity object.

Development of specialized software products (in DOS environment) :

  • “Personnel Time-presence Check ”
  • “Access Check into Classified Areas”
  • “Time-development Observation of Production Procedure (for machines and occupational personnel)”

Subordination of the Company’s investment plan to the provisions of 1892/90, pursuant to the 1722/ΝΝ.5448/Ν.1892/90 decision number of the Attica Region, for the development and integration of CGI technology in the DESMOS Plus product.

Application of CGI technology to the European program ECOSIM (Ecological and environmental monitoring and simulation system for management decision support in urban areas No 2979) in cooperation with the General Chemistry seat of the EMP.

Integration of Company’s research project entitled “Development of Integrated Information System for the processing of pharmaceutical elements and management of environmentally downgraded areas with the use of telematic technology” into the Program for Development of Biomechanical Research, EPET ΙΙ, Subprogram 2, Meter 2.1, with code 97ΒΕ283, of GGET.

Moving of Company seat to larger modern leased premises on 180 Kifisias Avenue, Halandri.

Creation of Division for the Study of cost accounting and application of Analytical Accounting. In the specific division top executives of the Sworn Accountants body were utilized as well as distinguished cost accountants. To this day a large number of important cost accounting projects have been completed in large mainly industrial and small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.


Orientating to the provision of integrated solutions (System Integration), in combination with software and hardware for the total and complete coverage of clients’ information technology needs.

Participation of Company in dozens of organized seminars of Vrikous and Intraccount for the applied handling of:

  • Storage management
  • Cost accounting
  • Group 9

In large commercial and industrial enterprises.

  • Redefining of Company’s strategic orientation with emphasis in providing specialized Internet/Intranet services for its reinforcement in the evolving technologies of the sector.

Development and operation of Ilyda HyperNet product for the internetworking via the Internet and simple dial-up lines of remote stations with a central server. The specific product is used for the communication of branches with the head office, important clients with the head office and logistics companies with head office, from large commercial and industrial companies.

Design of Web Server DB-Diosc for interactive communication with more than 2200 Company clients.

Expansion of cooperation with IMS with the contracting of a deal whose total budget exceeds 1.175.000 €.

Founding of company Dioscourides ΑΕ, in which ILYDA participates with 65 %. Dioscourides ΑΕ has as only aim the development and provision of specialized software and services in the vertical market of pharmacies. Via this company the further development and in general expansion of the Company’s activity in the specific branch is sought.

Study for the utilization of modern Internet technology and communications for the creation and utilization of innovative services, like the Consumer Card Management. For this specific product the final collaboration contract was signed with the American company Johnson & Johnson at the beginning of 2001.

Integration of Company’s investment plan worth 2.172.251 €, to the provisions of Ν.2601/1998 and characterization of the investment as “Special investment for the development of exceptionally technologically advanced software”. The investment was for the development of the software products MegaTron ERP, MegaTron Timer (Time-counting System), MegaTron Access Control (Access Control System) and the UniLink Win communication system.


Very positive early input from the completion of major MegaTron® ERP modules, which were installed and functioned in a number of selected ILYDA customers.

Expansion of provided services by ILYDA towards the new shaping market of partnership pharmacies in the form of chain stores, through the participation of the affiliated company Dioscourides ΑΕ, in the participial composition of the newly formed company name Uni-Serv and participation percentage 33,3 %.

According to the newspaper KERDOS (ΚΕΡΔΟΣ) ILYDA is among the “500 Diamond Companies of the Greek Economy”, which are able to sustain explosive rates of development (placed in position 332). Source: Statbank


Completion of MegaTron® ERP software and complete success of its first installations in major Industrial and Commercial companies.

Integration of Company’s new investment plan totaling 4.065.580 €, in the beneficial provisions of law Ν.2601/1998 characterizing the investment as “Special investment for the development of exceptionally technologically advanced software”.

The investment was for the development of the new software products Dioscourides Win, VitaCard, MegaTron CRM, MegaTron Pharma, MegaTron e-Business and MegaTron CBT.

ILYDA, based on its turnover is placed in the 6th place of the “Information Technology - Software” branch of companies. Source: Statbank.

ILYDA, based on its earnings is placed in the 4th place of the “Information Technology - Software” branch of companies. Source: Statbank.


Expansion of the Company’s activities in two new vertical markets with the development of the following new software products:

  • MegaTron® Pharma for the Management of Medicine Warehouses
  • MegaTron® DEYA for Public Enterprises of Water Supply and Sewerage.

Impressive increase of the Company’s sales and net profits based on which ILYDA emerges in the largest and most prevailing software development companies in the country.

Design of the electronic node Diosc e-Market Place for the distribution of pharmaceutical and Para-pharmaceutical products and its integration in the 2.7.1 section of the 3rd Community Support Frame.


Entry of Company in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Certification of installation and application of Quality System EN ISO 9001:2000 based on TUV CET (Report Number 2010032000496) for the sections :

  • Software Development
  • Provision of Support Services for Information Technology Systems
  • Construction and Assembly of Information Technology Systems

Completion and availability of new software product Dioscourides Win in Windows environment.

Expansion of Company’s activities to MRP software systems for the computerized management of “Production Programming”.

Absorption of BMS Infomration Technology & Mangement Advisers ΑΕΕ clients and buyout of Integra ERP and MRP product rights.

Integration of more than 110 proposals of Company clients, total budget over 8.500.000 € in the subsidised programs of the 3rd Community Support Frame :

  • Attempt Electronically Clause 3.2 (Α’ Cycle)
  • Attempt Electronically Clause 3.2 (Β’ Cycle)
  • Aid Small to Mid-sized Companies Clause 2.7.1

Continuation of Company’s growth rate with increased turnover and profits over 18 %, despite the problems characterizing the information technology sector.


Rewarding of Company by IBM as Outstanding Reseller Achievement in the 2005 Business Partner Award event.

The MegaTron® software installations exceeded 430.

Increase of turnover, which reached 5.800.000 € approximately.

Increase of net profits (before tax) which amounted to 1.420.000 €.

Certification of Company as Microsoft Certified Partner.


Repositioning of Company to its new privately owned and modern premises in New Psixiko, upon which the further organization and expansion of the company has been designed.

The specified total investment amounted to 3.400.000 € and was covered in its entirety by the Company’s own capital, without, that is, any kind of bank loan.

Due to the systematic effort of the Company’s Research and Development section the Company’s MegaTron® ERP platform expanded, to the following new vertical markets:

  • MegaTron® Diagnosis for “Medical Diagnostic Centers”
  • MegaTron® Pyro for “Fire Safety” equipment companies
  • MegaTron® Elevator for “Elevator” technical companies

Expansion of Company to specialized markets of the Public sector with the buyout of the rights for the applications regarding the Public sector from IFS Hellas with simultaneous transfer of clients and know-how.

The applications regard the Educational Institute Secretarial Management, Publication Management, Student Wellbeing-Academic Club, Public Accounting, GEL, Supplies, Payments, Public Project Management, Human Resource Management.


Development of web applications for the remote communication between customer and supplier and their software, in order to directly manage critical functions managing critical company resources. These applications were incorporated in the specialized software applications of the company that targets Pharmaceutical wholesalers, Diagnostic Centers and DEYA (Municipal Water and Sewage Corporations), improving their customer relations.


Acquired 55% of PROSVASIS AEBE.

PROSVASIS was founded in 2001 and its aim is a) the development and disposal of specialized software for Accountants, Accounting Offices and CFOs b) the publication of a weekly magazine “Logistiki (Accounting) PROSVASIS” that focuses on Financial and Legal issues that concern mainly Accountants and Economists, c) the publication of books of accounting, tax consulting and legal interests and d) short and long seminars for accountants, tax consultants and CFOs. The company has a staff of 28, and in 2012 its turnover was about € 2.100.000. The PROSVASIS clientele comprises of 4.380 accounting offices and 960 companies.


The Ministry of Development approved the new investment plan of ILYDA of 5.000.000 for a) the development of new software products for specific “nice markets” and b) the modernization of the existing software products of the company.


Participation to ILYDA (UK), a company registered in England.

ILYDA (UK) has developed and distribute the software product “Ribbon Commander” (RC). RC is a framework for rapid Office UI development. It aims to both simplify and extend the existing XML-based programming model for the Office UI, by exposing a complete object model for the Ribbon and Backstage (while also fully supporting XML). It consists of:

  • Redistributable libraries (with projections for VBA, C#, VB.NET and COM-capable environments like VC++ and VB6).
  • Tooling: An ever growing suite of productivity add-ons for VBA and Visual Studio that aim to reduce development time even further.

The framework also allows dynamic manipulation of the Ribbon, which enables you to tightly integrate the Ribbon and Backstage with your application. And this is done without the complexity of managing callbacks (although they are fully supported and extended to include events and .NET delegates).


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